About Me


Who doesn't' want a fun quirky registered dietitian to help them navigate the confusing world of food intolerances and nutrition? 

Jessica Roocroft :  Owner of her own company Jess Nourishes, is a North Vancouver-based private practice dietitian who helps women frustrated with their bloating nourish themselves, break up with uncomfortable toilet time, and navigate their food intolerances based on best practices (no expensive supplements or wacky “testing” here)!


Follow her Instagram where you can find bloat-reducing recipes, facts, and tips coupled with a laugh.


She also has an AMAZING free Facebook community for women Club Jess Nourishes that you can join right now. Jessica specializes in balancing intuitive eating with the Low FODMAP Diet for touchy tummies (mainly those living with IBS, IBD, or undergoing treatment for SIBO).


She shares her knowledge and expertise with clients, organizations, and soon with groups in her upcoming & ground-breaking new online program My Bloat Code that takes a holistic approach to getting rid of women’s digestive woes once and for all.


Read on to learn more about Jessica and get inspired!