About Me

I'm a quirky Registered Dietitian, Digestive Online Health Coach, and busy Mom who has a singular (and slightly obsessive) vision:

To help you feel comfortable in your body, and not be able to recall the last time you were caught off guard by life-interrupting, embarrassing, and uncomfortable tummy troubles.

Why?...Because I 'get it'.

I've been there- yep, I've lived with IBS for years.

Now it's my life's work to take the THOUSANDS of hours of research, recipe development, and continuing education I have had over the years and direct it right back at supporting hundreds of clients, like you, in navigating the overwhelming world of food intolerances.

A little more about me:

I am based in the mountains of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I run my 1:1 private practice, and my signature online IBS program My Bloat Code to help people frustrated with their bloating nourish themselves, break up with uncomfortable toilet time, and navigate their food intolerances based on best practices (no expensive supplements or wacky “testing” here)!

When I don't have my two kiddos hanging off my legs (Mamas out there, you feel me), you'll find me on the soccer pitch, walking my two pups, or in the kitchen inventing the next Low FODMAP, onion and garlic-free taste sensations.

Contact me today to see which of my services are right for you, and let's do this shall we? 

 Follow my Instagram @jess_nourishes where you will find bloat-reducing recipes, facts, and tips coupled with a laugh.  

I also have an AMAZING free Facebook community for women Club Jess Nourishes that you can join right now.

I'm an advocate of balancing intuitive eating with the Low FODMAP Diet for touchy tummies (mainly those living with IBS, IBD, or undergoing treatment for SIBO).

Lastly, I love to share my IBS/Digestive Nutrition knowledge and expertise with organizations, fellow health care practitioners and other groups. 

Read on to learn more about me and if you feel like we might be a good fit, get in touch today.

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