Are you type D, C, M, U (or just here to learn)?

(Good) nutrition advice for your IBS depends on so.many.factors.

One of the most important? Your IBS SUBTYPE!

I'm talking about the percentage of the time your gut moves TOO FAST or TOO SLOW (diarrhea/loose stools, or constipation/hard/infrequent stools, respectively).

Ready to take the quiz to see which type your IBS might be: D, C, M or U (or just here for the food/learning)!?

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PPS: This quiz is just for fun, general information and does not diagnose IBS, subtype of IBS, nor any other condition. Always talk to your doctor before implementing any changes such as diet or supplements.

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Read the descriptions below.

Then answer the question by selecting the answer which you feel describes your gut best.

I most identify with Type ___.


πŸ’¦ Type D: More on the fast gut/loose poops side. Specifically, you may be a D if you have diarrhea > 25% of the time and constipation < 25% of the time.


🌰 Type C: More on the slow gut/hard/less frequent poops side. Specifically, you may be a C if you have constipation/hard/infrequent poops > 25% of the time and diarrhea < 25% of the time.


🎒 Type M: Mixed (go back and forth between D and C). Specifically, you may be an M if you have diarrhea > 25% of the time AND constipation > 25% of the time.


❔ Type U: Can’t really relate to any of the above, yet you may have abdominal pain and other symptoms like bloating, gas, reflux, nausea, etc.? This might make you a Type U.


πŸ€“ None of the above- I'm just here for the learning (or the food)!

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