"Bye bye Diarrhea Drama..."

You know by now that daily abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea is NOT normal.

Maybe you've left the Doctor's office with an IBS-D diagnosis (diarrhea-predominant IBS), and sheet of paper listing every high FODMAP food under the sun "to avoid" while on your "diet for IBS".

Maybe you were told to "reduce stress" or "take this fibre supplement" and "try that medication"...

If you are here, I'm guessing you are overwhelmed with conflicting information on the best way to reduce your Irritable Bowel Syndrome related diarrhea drama (and stay sane in the meantime).

I feel you, because it happened to me too.


The great news?

According to research, those with IBS-D respond incredibly well (compared to other subtypes of IBS) to several of the science-backed tools included in my 3 Step Framework I've spent the last 5 years developing. My step-by-step method to calm client's diarrhea drama and swap it for gut nirvana is effective and takes real life scenarios into consideration.

Yes, it takes an approach that does more than just eliminate foods and pop all the pepto to tap the brakes on a fast-moving gut.

True, nutrition, body & mind are three equally important pillars to managing IBS...

But you are a busy person, with a life to live, while you transform your digestive symptoms, and, while you may enjoy cooking, you can't be scratch-cooking all the live long day. 

So, if you're an otherwise healthy person diagnosed with IBS-D:

  • Experiencing multiple, frequent bowel movements each day despite your healthy food choices.
  • Done stressing about where the nearest, non-gross toilet is when you're faced with nauseating urgency while out and about.
  • Over finishing each day experiencing such epic bloating that you feel like you look 6-months pregnant.
  • Terrified of going out with friends or travelling for fear of having "an episode" on a plane, during a car trip or bus...

Then this is for you.

Hit the button & hop on a call with me to see if my program is a fit for you.

You deserve gut nirvana, not diarrhea drama my friend. 

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You've probably got questions, and I have answers.

I'm guessing you are detail-oriented, analytical & a bit of a perfectionist (many with IBS-D have these traits!) if you've read this far...

So, my critically-thinking friend, here are some commonly asked questions which you might appreciate answers for:

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