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"Make Some Noise" for the "Yeastie" Boys

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Weird name for a food, right? Don't let it throw you off!

Seriously, if you haven't tried nutritional yeast, you should give it a go. Its salty, parmesan cheese-like flavour is REDONKA DONK good. I just get mine from the bulk section of the grocery store. Easy peasy to find.

This delight grows naturally on cane sugar & molasses, and is a nutrient-dense powerhouse (the fortified versions. Always check the label).

Just 2 tablespoons gives you a ton of two things in particular:

1- Protein, 8 grams (to compare, one egg has 6 grams protein)

2- B vitamins. Like, an a*s load. Yes, that's my technical term, lol. Check out the full breakdown here.

PS: Vitamin B12 is a particularly important nutrient for vegans to watch out for, and nutritional yeast has 130% of the Daily Intake for you plant-based peeps.

And no, eating nutritional yeast does not increase the chance of a yeast infection, as it is "deactivated" AKA: Its cell walls have been removed, so can't spread. However, it is possible for some people to be sensitive to any given food, such as nutritional yeast.

Healthline did a great job summing up some research on potential issues for certain people and eating nutritional yeast. Read here if you're curious.

Ok, so how to use the stuff? HERE ARE 3 WAYS:


Dust over popcorn, on your next salad, soup, or buddha bowl. My fave is cubing up tofu, tossing cubes with nutritional yeast & using it for protein on any cold entree (my baby MOWS down tofu cubes tossed in nutritional yeast, or broccoli florets dipped in nutritional yeast down too)!


Nutritional yeast makes a mean vegan cheese sauce, or its great in all the places you would classically find parmesan cheese (fish cakes, caesar salads, pasta dishes, vegetable dishes).


Try this zippy, low FODMAP (tummy-friendly) gem:

1/2 cup garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil *(instructions/substitutions below)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp dijon mustard

3 Tbsp nutritional yeast

*Garlic-infused olive oil: Warm 2 cups olive oil. Add 6 slitted garlic cloves. Let sit for two hours before straining out all pieces of garlic. Transfer to a sterilized jar with lid, and keep in fridge to use over next 3 days.

Not following a Low FODMAP eating pattern? Just use plain extra virgin olive oil, but add in a small diced shallot or a minced clove of garlic.

Oh, one last thing, its also super high in fibre. So if you're rocking out a sensitive gut, start with smaller amounts, my friend.

Let me know if you try this magical fairy dust called Nutritional Yeast, and how you liked it!

As always, thanks for the love.


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